Four Reasons Rick Dyer is Better than Matthew Johnson

So our lord and savior Matthew Johnson went ahead and posted this:


I know right. Classy as fuck

But it got me thinking, which is unusual in of itself for something from the cult so it is totally blogworthy

Putting aside for a moment the nature of the post, which was hell let two people die just because I don’t like them

Is Matthew Johnson ultimately any better than Rick Dyer and if the answer is No, then IS Rick Dyer better then Johnson?

I don’t Rick Dyer, we’ve never had any more interaction then a coupla comments on facebook threads. I’m not defending him or what he did. I’m just pointing out some stuff for fun is all

Now I know what your gonna say Randy: “Their both fraudulent hoaxing dickbags” But keep an open mind as I give you four reasons Dyer is better than Johnson

1) Charisma. We’ve all by this time seen at least one of Johnsons videos, he stares into the camera with cold dead eyes, his facial drivers giving next to no movement, the emotionless glare of the true narcissist. His great reveal videos where he stalks up and down his stage, screaming at his audience in frustration.

Now compare that to any Rick Dyer video. Rick is at least entertaining, he laughs, his eyes twinkle, he has the deamenour of a proper sociopath. All charm and good times.
The psychology behind this, if your interested, and even if your not tough write your own blog. Is that Narcissism comes from a parental interject. Their very Parent led people. While the Anti Social model is primarily child led, sociopaths are always going to be more charming and fun to be around then narcissists

2) Showmanship. Matthew johnsons evidence consists of “Because I say so”, garbled evps that could be anything, witness testimony and a 3 foot bear turd. Rick Dyer also favored the Witness Testimony, “Because I say so”, but instead of the bear turd. He preffered the ole fake bigfoot body trick. He took his on tour however, made a dvd and did some tv interviews. Can’t deny it, Rick Dyer is a showman through and through. My personal favorite Rick Dyer line was: “If I released the DNA evidence, all the wonder and joy in peoples eyes, is it real, isn’t it real. Would go away” Fucking brilliant

3) Sense of Humor. Let’s face it here guys. Johnson is a man that takes himself way too seriously for what he is, a delusional cult leader. Rick Dyer on the other hand is well known for his wacky antics and his ability to laugh at himself as well as others. Case in point after Rictor did his Off the Rictor on Rick Dyer and presented Dyer with his hall of shame tv shirt. Rick Dyer proudly wore it and they are now pretty good mates I believe. Johnson would just scream and stalk off.

4) Responsibility. Rick Dyer admitted he was a hoaxer several times. It’s true he did. Johnson will goto his grave never admitting that what he does is fraud and bullshit. That is also true. I kinda feel like love Dyer or Hate him, this is perhaps the most important reason he is better than Johnson

So that’s my list, did I miss anything out? Do you now hate me for sorta kinda defending Rick Dyer? Do you agree wholehartedly or violently disagree? Let me know! Come on, it’ll be fun

Kelly shaw once visited a hoax location and found Bigfoot evidence, it was hilarious


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3 thoughts on “Four Reasons Rick Dyer is Better than Matthew Johnson”

  1. Rick Dyer isn’t leading people away from effective treatment with false hope from bogus bigfoot mindspeak faith “healing”. Matt Johnson is doing exactly that, and charging serious money for it. Nobody died from Dyer’s shenanigans, but Johnson’s lies are eventually going to kill someone. Dyer belongs in Rictor’s Hall of Shame, but there’s a special place in hell for Matt Johnson.


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