The World according to Matthew Johnson

Sooooo there’s this


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fucking love posts like this

“I’m SO Above responding to trolls and haters I’m gonna prove it by going on a long rant about them”


Is that irony? I dunno, seems fairly ironic

But anywho, yes our favorite psychologist is back with another rant about how only he knows the truth and we’re all lucky to bask in his presence

I recently read his book and discovered much to my shagrin that Mike Kincaid and Steve Bauchman didn’t actually see anything the night of the “Exodus” But instead were told by Johnson what was happening as they sat on a pickup truck with Steve’s machine humming

So much like Rick Dyer, there is now enough evidence out there proving Matthew Johnson is a fraud right?

Of course right

The Wishful thinking hoax, the fact he says your not allowed to take pictures but takes them anyway, the laws of thermodynamics, the fact that his story keeps changing, his conference and book being hyped up all year, the lack of even a shred of any form of evidence at all save the bleatings of his cultists, the tourist trap that serves as a way to break through space and time.  I mean the list is endless really

Matthew Johnson is a fraud plain and simple

Ok so we’ve established that

We don’t have to prove anything anymore, we can just point and laugh at his latest wacky antics and nudge each other

I mean there’s always gonna be people that believe him but come on, there are people that legitimately believe that Kelly Shaw, despite visiting a hoax location and finding evidence is a legit researcher

idiots in all walks of life


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2 thoughts on “The World according to Matthew Johnson”

  1. People lie because the want attendees to keep coming to their conferences? I think he’s referring to the conference here on the Washington Coast where the Director told him he was no longer welcome to attend due to his grand-standing and insistence of having top billing. I have no idea what “lie” was said to keep people coming to this. that just doesn’t make sense.


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