Matthew Johnson’s Pereidolia Vibrations

Okay so I saw this and laughed for quite a long time, seriously it’s fucking classic

Then I calmed down and thought I should write a blog about this, it’s this or Kelly Shaw whinging about everybody bashing him is just jealous and that fucker gets enough space on my blog

Did you hear he went to a Bigfoot Hoax site and found Bigfoot evidence? True Story

Anywho Matthew Johnson


So the Bigfoot are back in his room again, this has happened before and he has the pictures to prove it

Even though, he did say in an earlier post… That he wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the Bigfoot anymore, they didn’t want multimedia and stuff around them. He couldn’t go on TV and couldn’t get a FLIR from his sugar daddy…

How come he didn’t ask his sugar daddy to test all that saliva he has in his fridge. Guess it’s against the Bigfoot Code


Tuqua! The new guy! He loves God and He loves Jesus! Even though Matthew Johnson committed blasphemy once by saying the Bigfoot were the descendants of Cain, because the Bible is pretty darn specific about what happened to the descendants of Cain, roamed the Earth and settled in the Land of Nod and formed Enouch, world’s first city. Tuqua doesn’t seem to care much, their all friends!

Hi Tuqua! Feel free to mindspeak me and tell me I’m completely wrong


That’s right, we hide behind Science! Except we don’t because Science is real and this shit is total fantasy bollocks. Your the one hiding Johnson, in this magnificent Ghost Kingdom you narcissistic cunt



I’d call it Pereidolia except there’s nothing fucking there

In order to qualify as peredoilia, there has to be a shadow, leaf or something! Not just a circle around the corner of a room

It’s madness! MADNESS!

But it gets worse


Their natural state is cloaked because of their high fibarational frequency


That sounded Scientific?

Surely he wouldn’t contradict himself on the same thread AND talk shite?

Well he did, he’s a hypocrite because He said we were hiding behind science and then hid behind science AND he’s talking shite because things don’t turn invisible the more they vibrate

My girlfriend would be very pissed off if they did


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