How To Be A Bigfoot Troll

So my buddie Steven Streufert (Dark Lord of Logic) Put up some screenshots from another group; something Roy Gilliam was posting about spotting trolls and moles in groups

I’ll tell you what, since I’m feeling pretty good today, I’ll spare you the “But He’s a massive troll” Rhetoric. He is, but  we’re not going to dwell on it, you know  why? Cos I’m taking the high road


Anyway there was like 11 screenshots and that’s alot, So I’ll just put one on this blog as a sorta reference point

This is going to be a reference point, more than a critique of obvious troll Roy Gilliam’s methods


So, how does one become a Bigfoot Troll?

By following Richie’s Patented 5 Step Trolling Process of Course!!

Step 1: Be Condescending

Remember, be better than anyone else you are talking to, Dispense your wisdom from on high like the mighty God that you are. People are lucky to have access to your intelligence after all



Step 2: Insult Away!

Everyone else is a cunt, remember that, your the troll and it’s your job to remind everyone on the planet that they are cunts, Insult them frequently to maintain your trollish rep



Notice how the poster subtly hints that the person he is mad at is a mental drug addict, Clever trolling! GOLD STAR!

Step 3: Lists are helpful!

You can always write lists that make you seem intelligent and thoughtful but are actually ways of trolling your enemies, it is  quite cunning and devious and not for the novice troll. It takes skill, dexterity and tortoises




Step 4: Superiority 

Might be the same as condescending, I dunno, but it’s important to establish the feeling of Superiority so you can be Condescending right? Right, so to establish Superiority, at least in your own mind, you need credibility and the best way to get that is to give yourself a clever backstory so people think your legit



Now your cooking with charcoal


Step 5: Be Roy Gilliam

Well self explanatory really….

Still least he never went to the site of a Bigfoot hoax and found a bunch of Bigfoot evidence tho… Like Kelly Shaw did


Bigfoot Battle Batalion:

Coalition For Critical Thinking in Bigfoot Research:

The Squatchers Lounge:

The Fortean Slip:


Bigfoot Crossroads:

Off The Rictor:

Team Tazer:

Tim Fasano:

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