Edward Waterman: I Solemnly Swear That This Is No Stump

From Rick Dyer traveling to SOHA we move on to the latest from the communities favorite Yogurt Edward Waterman:


I’m just trying to figure out how exactly I’m going to drag this blog out to three hundred words.

Okay so I googled “Stump” and this was literally the first picture I got:

download (1)

So by THAT definition then no it is most definitely not a stump by any stretch of the imagination

However it’s not a Bigfoot either

It’s a mossy, debris littered outcrop in some woods, perhaps made of stone? Perhaps an old rotted Tree Bark?

The Yogurt doesn’t annoy me with this crap, it’s just hilarious. I mean come on, even Kelly Shaw has better blob squatches then this. What’s the point in taking these pictures in High Rez as well? It’s just lazy.

Anyone with half a brain cell can look at that and say it’s not a bloody bigfoot you bloody yogurt.

No one really takes Ed Waterman seriously anymore, even the woo’s are kinda like; whatever Ed keep taking your pictures.

When I was blogging against Johnson I used to get a few hate messages throughout the week, most of them were pretty funny and I enjoyed the chance to interact with the people sending them to me, now that I’m in TS-USA I’m not seeing any familiar names, so I’m guessing they were fake accounts.

Not once has anyone ever criticized me for making fun of Waterman’s work, no one’s ever called me a troll because of it and no one even seems to care all that much that I’m doing it.

So I guess take your pictures of stumps, moss, tree barks and whatever Ed, take your pictures and call them whatever you want to

No one seems to care

Kelly Shaw is A Moron

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Bigfoot Crossroads: http://www.bigfootcrossroads.com/

Off The Rictor: https://www.facebook.com/groups/310052705862689/

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