Epic Bigfoot Rants: Edward Waterman or Ed Waterman. One of them

As I’ve said many a time, If a rant is quality enough for me I will post it from anyone or any source. Crazy Eddy went for it over on his little site and it is my PLEASURE to post it on my blog. This is a rant done right ladies and gentleman, it’s a shame it’s coming from a source I’m pretty sure wears his underwear on his head.


So this rant is not ALL about my blog however there is a couple of shots at it there. That’s cool I didn’t think I was on Watermans radar as I despise Johnson but treat Crazy Eddy with humor and a smile. Let’s pull this apart point by point yeah? GOOD TIMES!

  1. Good for you. A sober life is a happy life. Well proud of you homeboy, Keep up the good work! But you gotta admit with your wild tales of watching Bigfoot Live Action porn, drugs were bound to be mentioned
  2. Ouch that sounded painful dude, so sorry to hear that.


3. Yeah I Kinda Over Sensationalized a facebook argument you two were having, it was pretty cool to watch you two go at it. Actually did you know he’s started ripping off your ideas with his photography? Maybe you should have a fight! Also dude, stop with the habituation crap, I know you’re not habituating anything, you know it, Johnson knows it, drop the act yeah?

You have tens of thousands of photos of Bigfoot? Where are they? Can I see them please? All i get from your group is pictures of leaves and stuff, surely you don’t mean those right? Oh. You do. Now I’m sad 😦


DUDE! What did I just say about Habituation, you’re not doing it! STOP ALREADY!

4. Oh good, everyone should have careers that they do. So with all that money you don’t need to make any off bigfoot right? Cool glad to know.


5. Whoa! Eddy Baby! Calm down, no one here is judging you! I AM mentally ill (paranoid schizophrenic) So relax buddy you’re among friends here. There you go again with that ten thousand photo thing. Pretty sure I could take 10 000 photos of a stump and say it’s bigfoot. Just putting that one out there, dangling it.

Oh. Good. You have a portal as well huh? Well that is wonderful for you. Yes Dr Goodall did speak about the importance of documenting everything, it’s how we know you woo woo habituator fucktards are full of shit. The total lack of evidence you have of Bigfoot or Portals.

Yes it does make you wrong Eddy, It makes you very wrong.

You know what? You put up a 24/7 cam of the “Portal” And I will stop blogging? How does that grab you? No more blogs from me, if you can prove the Portal is real. Same deal as with Johnson. Can’t say fairer than that.


6. Oh yeah that little blog thing about spending time with you. I’ll agree with you on that one Eddy, was a laugh. At your expense of course.

To be fair on his next point, he spends a lot more time in the woods than Johnson does in SOHA, So I’m going to give him that point.

That being said the whole point of habituation is to assimilate yourself with the animals in question. Since you have no evidence or anything really other then pictures of the woods. We can safely say you have failed. See how that works?


Quite a lengthy post for someone that doesn’t give a fuck.

Also can I just say: “I don’t claim to be an expert, I just have elite access”

Of what exactly? Ugh I hate these habituators and their imagination land flights of fancy. Proof is needed to make such a claim and since Bigfoot STILL hasn’t been proven to even exist, no one can claim anything.


I thought you didn’t need money or attention because of your six figure job and the fact you KNEW the animals existed? Yet you want to be on TV so bad your willing to put together your own show? Wow.

Also name dropping Thom Cantrell is like trying dropping the name Rick Dyer. The man claims the Bigfoot made him a priest and he’s 2% squatch for the love of cunt.

12042829_10153679338421983_2904587676153410527_nI’m going to ignore the womens crisis line thing, but my friends know exactly what I’m thinking –winky face– Pretty sure earlier on in this rant he said he owned like a business or something? Now he’s a mental health professional? Wowie the dude gets around.

Nice try Eddy Baby, But Johnsons still the bigger cunt


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