Stop the Insanity!

Oh boy, check this out:

71959398_563545291087303_5235794682646102016_n72194633_2340420616177887_3139774144535592960_n (1)72324759_1143151769408082_5468330461228957696_n72326112_400331884222222_5197446160905666560_n73130239_518508562315329_4885884650523721728_n


Now that you’ve had a chance to fully appreciate these photos, let us discuss them, first of all, after a decade of telling us “The old skool money shot paparazzi” way doesn’t work, he’s now taking pictures again, been doing it awhile aswell, so apparently that’s changed

Not only this, but apparently it’s totally fine for a race that literally owes him everything, to only appear in his pictures as unbelievably terrible peredolia, like, these pictures aren’t even good woo pics, at least most of those guys find a shadow that kind of looks like a bigfoot or something, these pics he’s literally just drawn a face on a patch of nothing and gone: Jobs a good un lads, lets have cake.

I’m sure in time cake will be served but in the meantime, all we can do is watch the slow decline of a man who has surrounded himself by enablers, it’s sad, not funny, just very very sad

Hey remember that time Kelly Shaw went off to a hoax site and found a buncha evidence? I sure do

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