Shun the Non Believer!

Everyone once in awhile I see something that makes me chuckle and want to talk about it.

This is today:


Check out the balls on greg! Venturing into the heart of a cult led by a deranged madman and preaching the exact opposite of what that madman is currently alleging

I say currently because apparently it’s ok to take photos of them now when before it was “Old School Paparazzi money shot” So I’m sure by the time I’m done writing this blog, his views will change once again but whatever, here to talk about greg

So he’s clearly on the “Flesh n blood” side of the force, but happy to be respectful and venture into Woo turf to talk about it. Fair do’s I say


Ohh we got a live one here, “I’ve got an open mind but you’re completely wrong, Our brave and handsome cult leader is the only one who knows the truth, read his book and then make up your own mind, as long as your mind reaches our conclusion” That’s obviously a translation of what she’s saying here but I feel it stands up rather well


“Yeah weaver, go look for your apes you dumbass, ain’t no one got time for your wild “Ape” theory! Our leader rescued the shimmering orb people from their homeworld and bought them here to Earth! We’re so open minded and pure of heart”

Love it, makes me giggle so damn much

Matthew Johnson is a cunt

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