Todd Standing: Mo’ Money Please

So you may have heard of Todd Standing, you may know him from various affectionate nicknames the community has given him: Fraud Standing, Muppet Boy, The Guy in the Ghill… You know what you get it, the mans a hoaxer

Even Matt Moneymaker, the man who fell for the matilda hoax said he was a hoaxer.

Well he said that the DayWatcher video was probably a hoax, not that Todd Standing himself was a hoaxer, he was very diplomatic about the whole thing.

Now. I have reported in the past that he was doing paid expeditions roughly in the 3 thousand canadian dollar catagory, which by itself is an insult

Now check out this:


Motherfuckers got a donate thingie on live streams! That’s right up there with Starbucks on levels of ballsness

What did Starbucks do that’s so ballsy? Fucking charge 10 quid for a cup of coffee and put a tip jar up front that’s bloody what.

Anywho thats the skinny on Todd Standings bullshittery, I mean it’s quite endearing at this stage that he pretends its about looking for bigfoot and not making money, it makes me smile sarcastically and say in extremely patronizing tones: Of course it’s about Bigfoot Todd. Of course

Matthew Johnson is a cunt

Fortean Slip:

Boochs Battle Battalion:



Bigfootin With Keith n Collin:

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