Matthew Johnson – Paparazzi Photographer

Remember when Matthew Johnson made a huge deal about switching over from the “Old School Money Shot Paparazzi Method” To the Habituation method?

Remember when he insited that Zorth and his band of merry Bigfoot would not allow any kinds of cameras around them?

Oh you do remember that?!

Good. Message matthew johnson and remind him for me, he’s got me blocked


Apparently it is now Totes Ok if you wanna take photos of his bigfoot

Sadly despite him saving their entire race, they are still only appearing in the same blobsquatchy fashion they appear in everyone elses pictures

That’s kind of shitty if you ask me, not that you did but if you did I mean.

The guy opens up a portal to another planet, risks the wrath of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement by illegally importing 25 thousand illegal immigrants

Side not, he’s also a massive Pro Wall trump supporter so what the fuck?!!?

But he allegedly did all of that and now the selfish bastards won’t even give him a decent picture to show his adoring fans

It’s enough to make you sick

This is the trouble when you make up attention seeking bullshit on the spot, you start tripping over your own line of crap

Matthew Johnson is a cunt

Fortean Slip:

Boochs Battle Battalion:



Bigfootin With Keith n Collin:

2 thoughts on “Matthew Johnson – Paparazzi Photographer”

  1. They won’t appear to him “uncloaked” either, after he saved their planet! What a croc a shit, he gets high off telling sick people the Bigfoot at his place can cure them… and give them back massages…. he is the rick Dyer of woo


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