The Cult of Johnson

You’ve heard me say that I’m not partitucularly a fan of the way Matthew Johnson conducts himself and his “research” right?

Vaguely remember a few times I’ve hinted that I’m not the biggest fan

And you wanna know why?

Shit like this:


Innocent enough question, annnndd POUNCE. The cultists move in for the Kill

Oh also notice the plug of the book at the end there, yes read Johnsons book that will answer everything

Spoiler, it doesn’t

It’s just yet more evidence of the cult johnson has created around his bullshit, this desire of his to be worshipped and adored by those around him.

It’s rather sad when you look at little stuff like this..

Still though musnt grumble, Rick Dyers back now so shit will soon get interesting again and Johnson will go back to being what he’s always been

A footnote

And a cunt

Fortean Slip:

Boochs Battle Battalion:



Bigfootin With Keith n Collin:

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