Rick Dyer Returns

It’s like a fucking movie title that yeah? “Rick Dyer Returns” Premiering September 6th 2019

What the hell am I supposed to write here that has not been written a billion times already?!?!?!

“You guys know it’s a hoax right?”

You know it’s a hoax, I know it’s a hoax, the imaginary xanue race that don’t exist outside of matthew johnsons imagination know it’s a hoax. There are tribes of people deep inside the amazonian basin, undiscovered and untouched by western civilization that know it is a hoax.

But you know what’s kinda funny? People are gonna believe

Oh yes, shake you’re head at me all you want but People. Will. Believe.

And they’ll send him money also,

Ohhh yes they will

Cos it’s why he keeps doing it, cos everytime enough people fall for it, to make it profitable for him and so he’ll go away for awhile, come back say he shot a bigfoot and rinse, repeat, rinse repeat

What else can I say? What else can Racer X say? What else can Steve Kulls say?

It is what it is

Matthew Johnson is a cunt

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