BFRO Goes Stick Structure Mmmaaddd

Hop on over to the BFRO Facebook page:

Lotta stick structure pictures all of a sudden, apparently that’s gonna be the next fad in bigfoot research?

As one of the apparent few that has never given any credence to stick structures whatsoever, I gotta ask: Where is your evidence that these broken sticks have anything to do with bigfoot?

Would it be so difficult to check for hairs, scat or hell even put a trail cam on these things to see what comes by

It just feels incredibly lazy to me to attribute this to bigfoot with no evidence, cos we’ve got stick structures in the UK too. I mean I go out into the woods alot and see broken trees, broken sticks and even sometimes shelters!

But not to the Allmighty Bigfoot Field Research Organization however, nope according to them this is legitimately a Bigfoot phenomenom.

I shall be holding my breath awaiting the definitive proof

No Seriously. I haven’t lost the faith, I totes believe

Matthew Johnson is a cunt

Fortean Slip:

Boochs Battle Battalion:



Bigfootin With Keith n Collin:

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