Native Americans


The whole connection there

I’ve often wondered if that’s where the whole bigfoot thing comes from, Natives told european settlers about a large hairy beast in the woods that stole women and children, settlers believed them, mass hysteria. Voila: Bigfoot

I mean the years go by and we’re no closer to an answer, if bigfoot doesn’t exist, this would explain alot

But you didn’t come to my Blog to hear my musings and ramblings did you, hell no, you came to watch me tear someone down for being a dumbass



“Hairy Ones” LOL. I love researchers that use their own names for Bigfoot. “Sasquai” “Xanue” “Sasquatch people” “Hairy ones” It suggests a personal relationship which is usually a green light for me to go in there

Lotta supisition in this post, lotta leaps of logic, lotta things stated as fact that cannot be proven one way or the other. How can we know that Sasquatch mimic native american designs? Why because Mark Parra says so of course, how foolish of me, there I am looking for mundane things such as “proof” or “evidence” or “common sense” When all I need to do is log onto facebook and start typing wildly with no basis whatsoever in reality

Actually that does sound kinda fun

As much as it isn’t possible to prove a negative: I.e we cannot say one hundred percent certainity that bigfoot doesn’t exist, It IS Possible to prove a positve. I.e Mark parra talks more crap then me after 6 stellars and a kebab

Matthew Johnson has taken to exploiting cancer for his own nefarious aims. He’s totes a cunt

Fortean Slip:

Boochs Battle Battalion:



Bigfootin With Keith n Collin:

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