Shel Kaoke Dion on Mark Parra on Ed Waterman

Ohhh what a tangled web we weave; we lowly humans as we scratch about looking for Bigfoot

The Hubris

So here’s something that popped up across my newsfeed today:


So that’s her opening right there. That is how she choose to open her post, on facebook no less I might add

Not how this is a post criticizing people for being dicks by being a dick about it

I found that sadly ironic

Also once again RIP Ed Waterman


So personally I’ve never had much time for Mark Parra, one of them Kelly shaw types wot thinks he knows everything about everything but that seemed like a nice touching memorial to Waterman

But apparently I was mistaken as this person begins a tirade of unquestionable awesomeness

“Competative nature” Well she’s got us there, if there’s one thing a buncha bigfooters will do it’s compete against each other

Sadly she then goes on a tirade drenched in the undertone that her work is somehow superor to everyone elses

Yes indeed, stick it to those bashers by bashing them, there is nothing hypocritical or downright stupid about this post wotsoever so far


By this way this woman runs paid Bigfoot expeditions in case y’all were wondering what her work is all about

It’s also about posting pictures like these:


Ya know. In case y’all were wondering

Still though, I’m always a fan of a good rant on facebook about how much facebook sucks! Really keeps the whole thing fresh an interesting


Matthew Johnson is a cunt

Fortean Slip:

Boochs Battle Battalion:



Bigfootin With Keith n Collin:

2 thoughts on “Shel Kaoke Dion on Mark Parra on Ed Waterman”

    1. Run paid bigfoot expeditions??? Lol ok sure I do. Why hide yourself while you expose others of WHAT???? TRUTH??? Sore seat man!


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