Do Bigfoot Steal Cameras?

So this was said in a group somewhere:


I dont know this guy, dunno if he’s an ass or cool or what

But it’s a legitimate question and let us explore it:

Do Bigfoot steal our equipment when we leave it outside overnight?

Well maybe yes and maybe no

Assuming bigfoot exists and believe me, these days that’s a huge assumption

Then it would have to be a member of the great ape family

Great apes of course show curiosity in most things in their environment, some species of chimps are even thought to kidnap other animals and keep them as pets, they are inquisitve and like to explore

In the past experiments with chimpanzees and gorillias have concluded that the animals will interefere with their camera equipment and take it away

So the answer is:

No of course they don’t

Pretty much all equipment from the field is recovered and none of it has pictures or audio recording of Bigfoot

But still food for thought huh

Matthew Johnson is a cunt


One thought on “Do Bigfoot Steal Cameras?”

  1. You can’t track an RFID chip, that’s conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo made up by whack jobs on the internet that don’t understand technology. RFID chips can only be scanned from about a yard away and can only hold about as much information as the magnetic strip on a credit card. You need a battery powered GPS device to track something’s movements, not an RFID chip.


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