Matthew Johnson on being totes hypocritical

If you think of Matt “Don’t Have Nothing On Dr Phil” Johnson, what do you think of? Apart from the insanity of his bullshit claims and the totes increduality of his “Great Reveal” video I mean


You may remember and if you don’t, don’t worry I’m going to refresh you’re memory right here. That he switched from the “Old Skool Money Shot Paparazzi Method” His words not mine, to the totes orsm “Habituation Method”

Where he would leave out treats for Bigfoot and after Raccoons or whatever had come into the camp and eaten it, he would then claim Bigfoot had come in and eaten it

You may also remember, that when people said to him: Hey Johnny Boy, how come you don’t put up a trail cam and solve the mystery of what’s eating your food? He replied with: Uh duuuhhh, Cameras are Squatch Repellant. I’m not having any cameras or anything like that around my “Habituation Area” It will just drive the Bigfoot away

Since then he’s claimed to have single handedly saved the Bigfoot Race from extinction, claimed to have written the only truthful bigfoot book ever AND claimed to be the 13th member of the council of 12 Bigfoot that rule the Bigfoot world

So it shouldnt really be surprising that he’s completely gone back on everything he originally said as his lies contiue to grow beyond his control and his memory

However this frankly flabaghasted me, and that’s not a word I use or spell lightly:



It’s one thing to lie about there not being any trees somewhere, to claim you have technology that defies the known laws of the universe, to claim that you and only you can telepathically communicate with an Alien race and saved them from extinction

But to go back completely on your original point of switching from the Old Skool Papparazzi method!!!!

Come on Johnny Boy, let’s stop the bullshit and just get real yeah? You’re talking complete shite and we all know it

Also your a cunt

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