Keegan Reid – The Clown

Some members of the Bigfoot community make me violently enraged and want to punch something

Others wind me up to lesser degrees

Some members even have been known to make me listen to their words and not instictively call them a cunt

Doesn’t happen often but it has happened

And then there is Ed Waterman and Keegan Reid who just make me laugh heartily for hours and hours

Now obviously Homeland Security and the NSA are going to care so much about what happens in Bigfoot groups

Well they probably do monitor them for suspicious activity

Prolly not actually now that I think about it, they prolly ignore the whole thing and curse under their breaths

But you see what I mean? The grandiosity! The threats! All indictive of a real clown with a small penis and a massive inferiority complex

But wait it gets more amusing:


I blogged about him last year I believe when he got into a massive argument in the Coalition with certain peeps because they had the gall to ask for evidence

I also blogged about him when he was sticking up for that Hoaxer Kat whatever her surname was. Remember she was violently attacked but there was no record of it anywhere?

But again he’s told Homeland Security and the NSA, thus completely missing the fact that I’m british and both of those organizations deal with Americans exclusively

Still better keep an eye out anyway eh? They might just this once cross the pond to deal with me! All for Keegan

Does my heart good to see he read my blogs though

Hey Keegan! You’re funny as fuck keep it up ya fat cunt!

And finally:


Again, he’s meeting a Law Firm, again he’s told the NSA and Homeland Security

MAN! They must have a whole division for Keegan to control EXCLUSIVELY!

Your tax dollars at work America!

As threats go its pretty pathetic let’s be honest here, homeland security and the nsa have way bigger things to deal with then some butthurt bigfooter

Still though as amusing as Keegan is, he’s not as funny as that time Kelly Shaw visited a hoax site in Idaho and found Evidence!

2 thoughts on “Keegan Reid – The Clown”

  1. I thought this idiot had disappeared. Somebody needs to tell this fool that Googling the word “slander” does not equate to “contacting a law firm”. LOL! I doubt if Reid has a pot to piss in and I would like to see the law firm that would accept a lawsuit, based on a contingency fee , involving a delusional YouTube click whore that is suing a “bigfooter”. Also, someone should caution him that lying about associations with government agencies may just get him some attention he doesn’t want. Lastly, it would be comical to see this little mama’s boy’s fat ass in court trying to defend himself against the counter lawsuits that would be brought against him for playing the “internet tough guy” and making physical threats of violence against others. on social media. It’s all been documented


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