3 Fairly Easy Ways to Spot a Narcissist

Been thinking alot lately about this and I’ve decided to compose a handy list for people, the word “Narcissist” Gets thrown around alot and it’s starting to irratate me slightly, as is idiots going around calling themselves trolls when all they do is whinge and cry

NO that is not aimed at anybody in particular, I’m just saying it happens alot

Anywho so let’s have a look at these easy ways I’ve thought of to spot someone with NPD:

Numero Uno: They Make Incredibly Grandiose Claims and offer no proof

For Instance:

Claiming to be able to control the elements is pretty grandiose right? And fairly easy to disprove since no evidence is offered! But you can see from the example the poor wretch makes an incredibly huge claim about his abilities and expects people to go along with it

Pretty damn ludicros right?

Ok number two: Comparing themselves to famous or successful people

For Instance:

As you can see the subject has compared himself to the first person that ever climbed Mount Everest. Pretty impressive feat, although it’s hotly debated in mountaineering circles whether or not George Mallory made it to the top first before dying. It’s absolutely sure though that Sir Edmund Hillary is the first person to climb the mountain and climb back down again

It’s an odd comparison for sure since Bigfoot Research has about as much to do with Mountain Climbing as say a chicken does with a Ferret

Well I suppose some researchers climb moutains and stuff, hmph have to rethink that metaphor


Anywho our final point: Subject tells lies to increase their standing
For Instance:

See that? Subject has told a lie that is easily exposed by cunning use of Google Maps

I could go on

But you get the general idea

Matthew Johnson is a cunt


2 thoughts on “3 Fairly Easy Ways to Spot a Narcissist”

  1. Lol I though Matthew Johnson was finished with Bigfoot since he figured it all out, and they are aliens from a different planet that he saved with a magnet n bicycle tire, lmao, he tricked me at first but eventually I saw he was an ego air headed freak, Zorth is full of crap too?


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