This Guy Keegan Reid

Someone once said that Madness is like gravity and all it takes is a little push

I say nonsense, I say madness in this day and age is completely self inflicted and definitely nothing to be proud of


Because of course Celtic blood has everything to do with Bigfoot and so does Native blood

Fyi Native americans may be super oppressed and shit on by the white man, but they have contributed as much to bigfoot as anyone else

Big fat ZERO


So yeah you wanna be Keegans friend? Expect to be tagged in a shit load of random and more insane stuff

Like he is genuinely getting madder and madder, to the point where he cannot no longer successfully communicate with reality anymore

It’s weird

He’s weird

The whole situation is weird

And insane

That is all

Matthew Johnson is a cunt


One thought on “This Guy Keegan Reid”

  1. I wonder if we can pinpoint the exact moment when Keegan Reid went from being a lame run of the mill bigfoot believer to a full on lolcow.


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