Where the “Beep” Does Kelly Shaw Get Off?


Okay you guys don’t know why I’m pissed off just yet, let me share with you the screenshots:


So right away by the title of that blog you should already be fuming. I mean come the fuck on. Kelly Shaw of ALL people calling someone else out on hoaxing is at best a bad joke

I mean imagine if Rick Dyer did that? Not that Kelly Shaw is anything like Rick Dyer. Rick is smart and capable after all


Ok so if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll understand the Monument Wallow thing.


If you haven’t then listen up. What Shaw is saying is broadly true. Utah Sasquatch uploaded a video called Monument Wallow in which he edited the sound files. There was a thread on Reddit proving this and I think it was Randy Filipovic who found out that Reo had a background in film and video editing.

After the story broke Reo deleted his LinkDn page aswell as several other web pages proving his history with film and took down the Monument Wallow Video.

Proof enough


It’s not that I don’t agree with Kelly Shaw on this. I do. Utah Sasquatch is of the Timbergiantbigfoot genre, wherein he uses good looks and charm to sleeze a living out of the Bigfoot Community.

You know, cos everyone else has to pay for his hobby. That no one asked him to do

I know I keep saying that and it’s like a catchphrase but it’s fucking true yah


It’s just. It’s Kelly Fucking Shaw saying it yah?

Kelly Shaw is calling someone else out on a hoax


There it is, right at the bottom. Kelly Shaw posted this.

Allright Shaw. I’ll be blunt.

Why the fuck should Utah Sasquatch prove anything to you of all people?

You still haven’t apologized for the Idaho drone Fiasco

Still haven’t apologized for stealing a weasel photo and passing it off as your own

STILL haven’t apologized for the massive temper tantrum you threw when everyone pointed out that log picture was a log and not a Bigfoot

For you! YOU! Of all fucking people, the only person in the community more sleezy then Ryan Reading and more obviously a fraud then Matthew Johnson. To call anyone out on a hoax is laughable

HA. Ha. Ha

See I’m fucking laughing here

Matthew Johnson is a cunt

One thought on “Where the “Beep” Does Kelly Shaw Get Off?”

  1. I used to be on Dr J bandwagon, but since I started asking him questions he cut me out of his group, what he doesn’t know is In going to share to the world that I was invited to soha but at last minute he screwed me over , so I’m going to tell my story and start letting people know hes full of she#!


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