Keegan Reid On Patreon

So apparently Keegan has returned to Bigfoot after all. I was misinformed and I can only apologize

He just dropped below my radar for a little while

Apparently not only is he still on Bigfoot, he has a patreon account and is now charging people to come out and learn about the Bigfoot from him


Right so he’s from Arkansas. That explains alot


Pay 100 bucks and YOU can go out with Keegan Reid and camp in a mine on some random plot of land, in Arkansas

You can learn… um. Stuff? It’s not like Keegan even has any blurry photos to act as evidence.

I vaguely remember him posting pictures of sticks and marbles and saying they were gifts.

But nothing that actually connects him to the Bigfoot or apparently as their friends call them: Ste-Ye-Hah’Mah… Which probably means nothing to be honest, it doesn’t look native american. It looks like giberish


It does piss me off quite alot this “Patreon” thing. Asking for a one time donation is one thing but asking for a donation on a monthly basis to do a hobby no one asked you to is a bit of a piss take

Also what the fuck does Patreon, Kickstarter and Gofundme do? They just sit back on their asses while other people go out and get their own investors and raise their own image while these companies take a slice of the cash for doing literally nothing

Actually thats fucking genius now that I think about it, but it allows gutter trash slime like Keegan Reid and others to get money for talking shite

Which really helps no one

Anyway thats my rant of the day. Fuck Keegan Reid and Johnsons a cunt

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