Matthew Johnson Claims Steven Struefert Is Holding Out

*Blows dust off blog*

Boy has it been slow or what lately, hardly anything going on at all, the woo are still insane and the flesh n blooders still don’t have any proof

Keegan Reids gone full flat earth, fair do’s one less fucktard to blog about

Rick Dyer, Stacy Brown Jr both quiet

Tim Fasano’s doing a little bit of this and that but nothing really blog worthy

Utah Sasquatch is completely off my radar

It’s been pretty damn quiet lately

I have mostly been working on my cartoon strips while there was nothing to blog about

Now.. Johnson posts this:


Now. Me and Steven. We’re not exactly what you’d call on Speaking Terms anymore after quite a large argument erupted in a group I admin and I tossed him out in temper

That being said I still feel the need to defend him here as he’s being labelled as a cunt and a thief by a man who, well lets face it, commits fraud on a daily basis.

How do I know the great johnson is referring to Steven? This:


Now you might think, that as I am currently not talking to Steven and have no plans to ever talk to him again that I might find this funny

I don’t


This is being said by someone who got up in front of a large auidence; claimed to have saved the entire bigfoot race via batteries and a pickup truck and offered no evidence whatsoever of this claim, other then to scream “Read my book” “Read my book” In a loud aggressive manner

Rictor recently uploaded a video where he was in “Bigfoot Books” and in it, you can clearly see ALL of Johnsons books he gave Streufert on consignment, still sitting on the shelf gathering dust

I understand that in Johnsons mind, the reason Steven hasn’t sent him any money is because he’s a theiving douche, but in REALITY, Steven hasn’t sent him any money because his book is shite and no one wants to read it

I hope this clears the matter up.

Until something else happens! Laterz! And as always: Matthew Johnson is a cunt!

Bigfooting With Keith ‘N Collin:



4 thoughts on “Matthew Johnson Claims Steven Struefert Is Holding Out”

  1. Its hard not to find this funny, because of course it’s because the books havent sold. Johnson just cant bring himself to accept that.


  2. Noone honestly even believes Dr.J anymore, even mike merchant got away from him! Zorth is leader of the sasquatch and is my best friend…bullshit!


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