Matthew Johnson’s Crusade For Wrongess

You may have noticed that my blogging has slowed down considerably after the great reveal

It’s because it took alot out of me

Luckily tho Andrew suggested cartoons and that worked a treat

Not so much the blatant lies about aliens and portals

But more that so many were willing to believe

You don’t think I want to believe this nonsense? You don’t think I want to live in a world with alien orbs  attached to trees where everything we do in this life won’t matter cos in the next it all be gravy, that Portals randomly open in time and space?

I do

I desperately do

To wake up one day and realize everything I’ve ever been taught is wrong and the world has magic and dragons and shit

That’d be awesome

Unfortuantly I can’t

Because there is no evidence for it

There’s no evidence Bigfoot even exists, no evidence that Johnson is telling the truth and no evidence of Portals and the like

He can throw his little tanturms and turn on former friends and allies, he can wave the witness flag around and he can scream about circumstantial evidence until he is blue in the face


He has made a claim that the World works differently then the way we all were taught it is

In order to prove this he needs evidence

but he’ll never produce any

He’ll sit in his little cult surrounded by sycophants that’ll all pat him on the head and tell him what a big deal is and that will be that

He is a coward, he is a spineless cowardly worm that hides from the truth like a weenie. Well the truth is bigger then you or me Johnson and sooner or later you will face reality and you will have to face the fact you are a fraud

In the meantime I give you the latest from TS-USA:


That is Matthew Johnson calling Bob Gimlin a liar or suffering from dementia

Notice he’s yet to comment on Alyssa’s post

Two people say their shit was messed with

One person says that they weren’t

Guess witness testimonial isn’t good enough for that all of a sudden

Matthew Johnson is, was and always will be a cunt


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One thought on “Matthew Johnson’s Crusade For Wrongess”

  1. Matthew, between Alyssa bullying you because, she just feels entitled and the others that have CRS, they need to just get over themselves. I have always believed there are others, whether in an altered universe of a portal, we would be pretty arrogant people to think we are the only living reasoning beings in this or any other universe…wouldn’t we? Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. right?


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