Matthew Johnson owes Alyssa Runswithwolves Alexandria an Apology

I’m going to ask you all to forget everything I’ve ever said about Johnson for a moment here

It’s a bit of a stretch I know but can you just work with me here

O.k Forgotten it? Good!

Let’s examine the facts of this particular case in this specific moment:

Matthew Johnson Writes a book

Claims Bob Gimlin wrote the foreward, it’s on the cover

Gets Witness Testimonials

Bob Gimlin comes out and says he didn’t write it but agreed to honor it

Alyssa RunswithWolves a long time supporter of Johnson and the wooist person I know comes out and says he added a few lines to her testimonial that she does not agree with

That’s two people who say what they submitted was fucked with

Two people who have no reason at all to lie, Gimlins whole income stream is bigfoot related so burning bridges is a terrible idea

While Alyssa is unquestionably the most woo centric person I know and always has had nothing but good things to say about Johnson

Now you might think at this point, that maybe Johnson should vagina up here and apologize

I certainly do

And you’d be right, let’s be honest here it’s all that is neccessary to resolve this situation is for Johnson to hold his hands up and say: Know what my bad Soz guys

Is he doing that?

Is he fuck

This is a man that actually blamed bigfoot for giving him false information

Instead of being a man and fucking accepting responsiblity we’re not treated to what can only be called: A fucking tantrum to end all tantrums




Jesus wept what a fucking pussy, not bad enough he cowardly hides in his own group and sends his minions out into the community to spin his fuckups

He’s now blaming Alyssa and Bob Gimlin for cyber bullying him

This dude is like the cowardly lion, if the cowardly lion was way way way more of a wimp

He’s a quick tip for you Johnny boy, if you don’t wanna be questioned: DONT FUCKING CHANGE PEOPLES TESTIMONY WITHOUT ASKING THEM!





You starting to see the similarities here between you and Rick Dyer? This is exactly what happened to him in the twilight of the hank hoax.

Get it through your massive ego you fruit loop, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM HERE

And that is all



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One thought on “Matthew Johnson owes Alyssa Runswithwolves Alexandria an Apology”

  1. Wow Alyssa. It always amazes me when a person cannot communicate without dropping the F word, how that really makes you look ignorant. As for your rant. Who cares? Did he slander you? NO Did he say something nasty about you? NO So get over yourself and grow up. If anything is said about lying, you should take a look at yourself, Ms I am Modoc, or enrolled Cherokee. NOPE You are a white girl so be proud!


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