The Bigfoot Line In The Sand

And Now For Something, Completely Different

Steven Streufert in his infinite wisdom accidently posed an interesting question

Well he didn’t but I inferred it and since I don’t exist and am just a schill account of Stevens it’s only fair he gets the credit

Like Always


But the question posed is quite simple:

When do we as skeptics hold up our hands and say: Know what? Bigfoot does not exist

Now I’m not discounting if you had a sighting or something, that’s another question for another day

But let us look at the facts: Years have gone by since people started taking Bigfoot more seriously (I,e Four Horsemen and whatnot) No real physical evidence has been discovered, No DNA, No real video evidence either I mean the last one people can kinda agree was real was the freeman footage and thats way back now

So when do we say: Hey know what turns out we were wrong and it was all bollocks

I am not sure I am ready to do that just yet but assuming that Bigfoot is a real animal or a lost tribe of natives, you know because of reason and logic.  Then with the technological leaps and bounds humanity is making, we should at least have a proper video by now right?

At the very least something we can all say: Yup that’s real allright

But the Patterson Gimlin film is 50 years old now and people cannot agree if that was real or not

Given the current state of Bigfoot research has us going to hoax sites and finding evidence or claiming to have sucked Bigfoot orbs through a portal using a magnet, gotta be honest and say the times coming when we’ll have to call this so called search

Thoughts to consider anyway. Rant Over

Ad Victorum!


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2 thoughts on “The Bigfoot Line In The Sand”

  1. Here is a new whacko of the week – getting more active on team squacthing . . .

    Beverly Dixon
    Beverly Dixon I’m not worried about the aliens. …we have at least 4 species visiting us all the time, and working with the world’s governments. What I would like to know is, since it was revealed in Edgar Cayce’s teachings, that Atlantis has risen three times, did they witness this, were they part of the indwelling of the fallen Angels’ rise as sentient 3D beings during this period, and how instrumental were they in watching Adam and Eve manifest, during the reign of the Annunaki. Now THAT wpuld heal a lot if history books and solidify the fact that humanity has been around for a very, very long time. I would be surprised that their DNA was used in the formulation of A and E’s genetic code…but uhm, you didn’t hear that from me. I’m skulking back into my corner now….


  2. My only thoughts/obvious markers really – using Discovering Bigfoot as my example: He feeds them apples. But he never sits still, like a hunter does, to just take photos of them taking the apples. My GoPro has caught things all over our property with less trouble. He is always moving around, or blocking his stationary camera. Just ask National Geographic explorers how many hours they sit, waiting for the animal to appear. If you hear them you hunker down and start filming. Seriously.


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