Keegan Reid On Stick Glyphs

Today I shall blog in the form of one of those assinine lets play youtube videos

Sup Loozars! It’s me Richgamer here with another exciting blog on Keegan Reid!

-uneccessary theme music-

Ok, I shan’t inflict that on you, but seriously when I watch a video tis for information and not because I wanna watch some nobjockey cuntbag dance around on the screen for five minutes

Anyway heres Keegan with an awesome story regarding stick structures



So putting aside for the moment he’s suddenly calling them Forest People, all of a sudden for no goddamn good reason, I mean before they were “Beings” or “Sasquatch” Now its Forest People, almost as if he’s trying to get an invite to something that maybe coming up

But forget that for a moment

Also put aside the picture of the sticks which is frankly a waste of internet space, what the hell does that even mean, that he’s got too much time on his hands and just rearranges sticks whenever he feels like it? I mean it’s not like anyone can just move sticks right, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it obviously has to be Forest People


Let’s address the sheer pomposity of the bullshit being spewed by the Big Dog here

Somehow, even through the medium of text, he manages to convey a tone here, a sort of psuedo intellectual bullshit superiority tone that just oozes stupidity

A friend of mine described him as: “That one friend we all had growing up, that just makes up everything as he goes along” And I have to commend said friend for his absolutely spot on description of a man thats heard of the truth but wants no part of it

Even IF this whole Forest People bullshit is true and they turn out to be intergalactic, portal hopping woo beings, I would still wager that Keegan Reid is a lying sack of shit

And that’s the bottom line because I said so

And you know what else? Kelly shaw visited a hoax location and found bigfoot evidence, it really happened


Bigfoot Battle Batalion:

Coalition For Critical Thinking in Bigfoot Research:

The Squatchers Lounge:

The Fortean Slip:


Bigfoot Crossroads:

Off The Rictor:

Team Tazer:

Tim Fasano:

2 thoughts on “Keegan Reid On Stick Glyphs”

  1. Reid is such a con man! If he has bigfoot coming to his backyard, they must be “urban sasquatch”. The idiot lives in the middle of a housing development on Magnolia Rd. To get to his backyard, bigfoot would have to run down streets and/or across neighbors’ yards to access his backyard. He also likes to say that his buddy, the telepathic “orange orb”, weaves in and out of the “trees” in his backyard. He tries to give the impression that he lives in a woodsy area. Again, this is a total crock. He lives in a housing tract in the middle of your typical urban neighborhood. IMO, this guy is either totally delusional or one of the worst two-bit , bottom-tier YouTube hustlers out there. The guy is trying so hard to have significance and relevance but he continues to be a total fail. You can see this by the low number of views he gets. In his latest video, he’s critical of “Utah Sasquatch”, Matt Moneymaker and David Paulides. Nothing wrong with that but he proceeds to whine about Moneymaker and Paulides not coming on his little podcast. One has to ask why would they want to. Along with his usual playground tough guy posturing, “you don’t want to mess with Keegan Reid”, he goes into the whole government cover-up BS. He challenges employees of the forest service to come on the show. He even goes a step further and asks anyone who has been paid to kill a bigfoot, to come on the podcast. I hope that he is not holding his breath for that one. Reid sees himself as a “bigfoot expert” but by his own admission, he has only been into bigfooting one year. His delusions of grandeur know no boundaries. It looks like the inactivity, caused by just sitting at a keyboard pumping out fairy tales and playing internet tough guy, has turned his brain to mush.


  2. I note that the weeds in his yard are growing up through his glyph. If he has such a good relationship with the Forest People, why don’t they weed his yard while they’re playing with his glyphs?


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