Donna Klinko and Herb Walker, United In Crazy


Not only do these….. Oddballs see fit to post their…… Evidence

On the internet

But apparently they talk to each other and exchange ideas

My question is, where is Ed Waterman and why is he not involved in this Holy Trinity? Because that would make my day

For Real


Or Something like that, imagine if these three blobsquatchers combined their evidence and created the ultimate Blobsquatch!


Yes that is MY blog posted there

and Yes I do love it when they post my blog


But look!

Herb is first to comment!

And makes it so personal

Having no evidence or a life is something we have in common eh Herb?


I have evidence, fans of my work will remember last year I produced the worlds only footage of the illusive FerretFoot

You have drawn red circles on pictures

Basically the same amount of evidence



People think your crazy if you post pictures of your shower and say a dogman is living there

Or a train cam picture of a bear and saying its a bigfoot with a extra dimensional baby

people think that is nuts


That’s right herb, we just ain’t ready for red circles drawn around blobs in photos

It’s not like that’s been pretty much the bigfoot community for ten fucking years or anything

Also again, All you have done is give your opinion on photos other people have taken, We’re exactly the same only you’re enabling and I’m a cunt


But we’re approaching the piece de resistence or whatever:


She posted that picture to Bobo


No wait


Kelly shaw I give you shit for traveling to a hoax site and finding evidence but at least your not completely insane


Bigfoot Battle Batalion:

Coalition For Critical Thinking in Bigfoot Research:

The Squatchers Lounge:

The Fortean Slip:


Bigfoot Crossroads:

Off The Rictor:

Team Tazer:

Tim Fasano:


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