Donna Klinko Returns With New Pictures

Of all the cunts, blobsquatches, twats, fuckwits, Kipp Morills and yogurts I have covered over the years, this woman: Donna Klinko is pretty close to my heart, I can always be assured that when I see something she has posted, it will amuse me

It will amuse me greatly

I don’t think she is malicious or has any evil intent, she’s not out for fame, money or even hardcore drugs

I think she just lives in her own little reality and her pictures are a way of opening a window and letting everyone in

As a schizophrenic I sympathize completely

However as a malignant troll I reserve the  right to mock and or abuse any such photo’s that are clearly utter crap

It’s a tough line to walk but as I told randy filipovic the other day: I’m not the best guy or the worst guy, I’m just THE guy

Randy filipovic by the way is dating Ang Reeves

Just a friendly reminder

But I digress



We have what appears to be a woman in tracksuit pants on the left of the screen or it might not be to be fair, the problem with photos is that they are useless as evidence and so it must be followed up with a thorough investigation

Which Klinko has not done

Therefore to me it looks like a woman in tracksuit pants with her back to the camera

Isn’t it awesome

But to Klinko it’s a sasquatch and not only is it a sasquatch it is holding a baby, and not only is it holding a baby but it’s holding an interdimensional baby


There was a time I honestly thought there  was only so far a Woo warrior could take this shit but fuck me sideways was I wrong AND SUPER wrong

Ahh well, as Kelly Shaw once said: I found bigfoot evidence at a hoax site because it was there


Bigfoot Battle Batalion:

Coalition For Critical Thinking in Bigfoot Research:

The Squatchers Lounge:

The Fortean Slip:


Bigfoot Crossroads:

Off The Rictor:

Team Tazer:

Tim Fasano:


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