Kelly Shaw on Blobsquatches

So Rich you charismatic stallion you, you always mention Kelly Shaw in your blogs but rarely write an entire blog about his antics, whats up with that?

Well the truth is he’s boring

Very,  very boring

When he’s not visiting hoax locations and finding bigfoot evidence or lying about weasel photos to slur other organizations, or ripping off podcast formats that he has mocked in the past.  He’s making long winded videos about his “research” and frankly being boring

He is a dull man, not just mentally I mean personally as well, very, very dull

To illustrate this point and frankly shut up the people asking me to write full blogs about him I will demonstrate thusly

Check it:


Here is a photo of a blob squatch

Pretty standard in the field of blobsquatch photography, only Ed Waterman has managed to bring clear HD photo’s of nothing but that’s because he puts the effort in and is actually trying

What he’s trying is something for debate

Peredoila or just plain  whateverness right?


Here is Kelly Shaws response:


This is actually why he and the coalition fell out I believe, he kept posting blobsquatches and saying they were bigfoot and people were saying: no. It’s a blobsquatch

There’s a dude  that needs a safe  space, or ideally someone to go through his facebook and yelp reviews and remove all the negative comments


Because the burden of proof is not on us that say it is a leaf you utter boring turnip, the burden of proof is on the claiment because bigfoot doesn’t fucking exist



Anyway thats why you don’t see many kelly shaw blogs, because he is boring

And an embrassment

and a twat

and a thin skinned cry baby

and a cunt

and a baffoon

and a daffodil

and a thousand other things


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One thought on “Kelly Shaw on Blobsquatches”

  1. Jelly wants someone to prove it isn’t leaves?
    Shelly Shaw does not seem to grasp the concept of burden of proof. He made the claim it is a humanoid, so it is up to his fucktardedness to prove it is a humanoud/bigfoot.
    Can Shaw get any dumber?


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