Chuck Schlab Vs Darren W. Lee

We all know who Darren W. Lee is right?

Yeah THAT D.W Lee

Runs the hoaxers exposed 2.0 group of which I occasionally scavenge for juicy blog worthy antics

These days I’m happy to report I don’t need to scavenge as people are literally bending over backwards to send me stuff to blog about

Proving once and for all that the cunt is mightier then the pen

Or Something

So todays tidbit comes from the sunny state of Oklahoma where a small Bigfootin’ group called Chasing the Beast recently kicked out D.W Lee for questioning whether a bigfoot picture was actually a root ball

Not having seen the picture myself I cannot comment, however given my unique understanding of the Bigfoot community, it probably was a root ball unoffiically

Apparently this wasn’t all it seemed however as it turned out the owned of said group had attempted to get in touch with D.W Lee in the past and attempted to strike up a proffessional relationship



Before anyone comments


It’s a bit of a joke for the MABRC of all groups to accuse others of taking the piss with hoaxing antics

If you don’t know to what I refer, please stop reading my blogs and get out of bigfootin groups you posing conformist cuntbag shit

If you don’t know and are still reading even after I called you a posing conformist cuntbag, kudos, you have passed my test and we can now be friends

look up: Daisy in the Box

Up to speed? Kewl


Apparently he didn’t get back in contact and then posted this


Thus being a cowardly little bitch

“Troll Activity”

It seems to me that these cuntbags have really cheapened the word troll in recent years, anyone who disagrees is a troll, didn’t say goodmorning to me? your a troll. I SNEEZED AND YOU DIDNT SAY BLESS YOU TROLL!!

It is not “Troll Activity” To point out that a root ball is a root ball!

But seriously D.W Lee ease up on the hoaxing accusations because as Kelly Shaw once said:


And we all know how THAT turned out don’t we


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One thought on “Chuck Schlab Vs Darren W. Lee”

  1. Point earned for reminding the arrogant Mr. Lee of the Daisy box and Bulletmaker hoaxes he was in the middle of. Glass houses dont hold the overweight that well


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