Bigfoot GOFUNDME from some kid

 Interesting Blog title right? You can really tell when I’m totally phoning it in

Okay so let’s debate

This is Bigfoot gofundme:

It was posted by this person:

Look into it a little bit and you will discover it was posted by a 13 year old kid

As a sociopath I naturally automatically want to protect children and animals and seek only the destruction of other adults

I am ambivilent about this GoFundMe, On the one hand it goes against everything I have ever stood for, on the basis it’s by a young teenager clearly trying to make a fast buck

On the other, it’s some teenager trying to make a fast buck and who amongst us can say we didn’t try similar things when we were that age

There was no internet when I were a young lad, at least not in the same respect it exists now and when I did finally get onto the internet in my late teens, I used it primarily for porn and not much else, had I had access to GoFundMe, I can’t honestly say I wouldn’t have tried something similar

It’s only other adults, who should know better and are exploiting a mythological uncertainity for personal profit that piss me off and therefore this GoFundMe doesn’t

Besides read the bloody description, it’s vague as hell. Read that and if you think: Hey I’ll send money, well go ahead and send it because you are better off without it

At least it’s not Kelly Shaw asking for money for yet another Bigfoot expedition to some bigfoot hoax site in  his endless quest to embaress himself completely



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