Christopher Noel: I’m Glad I Invented You Or Something

Got a video for you peeps to check out

Here  ya go:

It’s only  2 minutes and forty three  seconds and to be honest it’s not the worst video I’ve ever seen

Christopher Noel is one of those people to me, they work for  the baddies and they enable hoaxes but you can’t quite bring yourself to calling them a cunt repeatedly because well, it’d be like kicking a puppy

A really stupid puppy

I’ve never hated him with the same intensity I hate other assholes that drag bigfooting down, to me he’s always been one of them comedy sideshows like  Ryan Reading or Kelly Shaw. Pompous bofoonery that only the really mentally  feeble would take seriously

By the by, Kelly Shaw? Went to a Bigfoot hoax location and found Bigfoot evidence? It was pretty embarressing

But Noel is someone I’m just like meh about, he is who he is, supported Rick Dyer, has no credibility

And now he makes this video, Talking to the Bigfoot

Making the crossing to full Woo

You can tell Woo is popular at the moment because all the opportunistic weasels jumped ship to it, Merchant, Johnson, Parra, Kipp Morill

Their all making huge claims about the Forest People

Descendents of Cain that lived in the Garden of Eden and appear in the corner of houses as fuzzy pictures

Ooohh Spooky

So anyway watch Noel’s latest video, it’s quite amusing, give the guy some hits and let him know: Hey Noel? You can make whatever videos you want and we’ll still not hate you

Your Completely Irrelevant 🙂


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