Mark Zaskey Is A CryptoZoologist

There is a saying in the Mojave Wasteland

That if a person is seen to be living in the past, crying over past defeats, dwelling on sins

They Have the Old World Blues

There is a similar saying in the Bigfoot Community

Mark Zaskey is a fucking idiot

I mean really, the dude once said that Skepticism is unhealthy

Guess he falls for those Nigerian Prince emails alot

He’s one of them people, ya know the type, complain viciously against TV shows and people making money, all the while trying to cash in as much as possible

Ya know, The Utah Sasquatch approach

Actually seems to be a pretty similar trend across the entire community, it’s almost as if right and you’re gonna laugh when I say this. But it’s almost as if nobody actually cares if there is an unidentified Ape species roaming around America and just wants to cash in on the gullibility of the public

Like those Nigerian Prince Emails

OH! Now I know why Zaskey is so against Skepticism!

Learning is Fun!

Anyway, this is what the douche recently said:


I take against this sort of blanket statement because unlike other groups I could mention, the Coalition usually allows dissenting opinions, members regularly argue with each other in the threads because it’s all about critical thinking, but again Zaskey doesn’t care about such trivial things as opposing opinions, all that matters is that people think what he thinks

That last sentance about taking a long hard look at his post? Yeah him and his ilk are the primary source of all the problems in the Bigfoot subject

Also is it me or did he just give himself the title Cryptozoologist?

Media Whore would be a better title, or Profiteering Cuntface

Or perhaps the worst insult one Bigfooter can label another Bigfooter as

Kelly Shaw

Who once went to a Bigfoot hoax site and found a ton of Bigfoot evidence

What a cunt!


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2 thoughts on “Mark Zaskey Is A CryptoZoologist”

  1. Asking you to remove the malicious, defamatory content from your blog, I have contacted wordpress and am getting a court order to have this site taken down along with a suit against you for damages. Have a wonderful day who ever you are


  2. Why would you take the time out to post something like this about Mark. It is stupid! or are you guys all just angry because his actions produce results and yours obviously are not!! If you were getting results it wouldn’t matter what Mark is about. You obviously are just angry because his method produces results.


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