David Paulides Is Insane

So I was talking with a friend of mine

What can I say about this friend?

Well Some Say that he knows the secret of monkey island

and that his beard can see into your soul

Anyway he shared with me a couple of facebook or whatever posts, might have been by reddit, he hasn’t mastered the fine art of Screen shots just yet, so I just got some garbled text

But here:

David Paulides 7 hrs Missing 411 Forum-PLEASE read this in its entirety When this Facebook group was formed, I was approached, told of the idea and was assured that I’d be an admin to the site if I approved the name use. As the weeks went on, other admins allowed the fringe element on as “friends” that decided that they were going to lie about the facts inside of Missing 411. I went onto their post and corrected them. The other admins took down my corrections and immediately deleted me as an admin. Unbelievable. There was no way to get back on as an admin. I didn’t understand at the time what the purpose of this was. As weeks passed I started to realize that this was a strategy to get me to approve the use of the name, delete my ability as an admin and then place other admins that had the same strategy to attack and demean the books. There are hundreds on this site that still think I am a part of it., I AM NOT. I should state that there are two admins that are supportive of my cause, at least they say so. They claim they don’t have the power to overturn decisions by others. They are still admins on the site. Yesterday was the end of the road. I was advised that they made Steph Young an admin. Who is she? She is an author that ahs written books that directly play off my books. She never existed in the publishing world until she started to follow me. Here are the publication dates of my books and the correlating publication dates of Steph’s books and their titles. You can go to Amazon to confirm the dates. Missing 411- Eastern United States March 2012 Missing 411- Western United States April 2012 Missing 411- North America and Beyond February 2013 Missing 411- The Devil’s in the Detail April 2014 Steph Young- “Something in the Woods- June 2014 Steph Young-“Predator in the Woods December 2014 Steph Young-“Taken in the Woods” March 2015 Do I need to make clear how she got the idea for these books? Missing 411- A Sobering Coincidence July 2015 Steph Young-“Dead in the Water” March 2016 I wrote about young men missing and found dead in the water, she comes out with a book after mine on the same topic…. One admin on the site made a post that Steph young was the founder of the missing person concept and she should be lauded for this. She responded and said she appreciated people who supported her. Steph Young never existed in this arena until her first book on the topic on June 2014. Why would she say this??? Now Steph Young has been allowed to not only join the Missing 411 Forum, they made her an admin, thus she controls content. I ask anyone, why would she want to be so intimately involved in the Missing 411 Forum if not to get content, then remove it and keeping it for herself? Does she want to alienate my fans from me? She is accepting comments that she was the founder of the missing people idea. Why? She posted her books from Amazon on the forum yesterday, is this just to push her inventory? The following was posted to the “Missing 411 Forum” in response to Fritz Cayo (admin) post regarding Steph Young: “Fritz Cayo In your long previous post, I find it funny that you spoke of truth and people with an agenda. I’m not sure where you got your facts from here or why you wouldn’t check before making a public post to this group. When you do that, people read it and then to believe it to be true. The facts are that David Paulides published 4 researched and published 4 books begininning in March of 2012-April of 2014. These are all before the author you spoke of wrote 1, first being June of 2014. So, no, that does not qualify for pioneer in the missing person field. First to publish a book on the topic of people of people drowning. Wrong again. David published a Sobering Coincidence in March of 2016, Steph in July of 2015. So I’ve set the record straight so that people will know the truth. I also find it disturbing that Steph Young did not correct your facts. First, David Paulides is rejected as an admin for this group, which ironically is based on his Missing 411 Books. Then the groups disrespect him by having an author, who clearly published her books well after him become an admin. And then you discredit his work in your post. Who has an agenda? David Paulides should be outraged by the actions of this group.” I ask each of you to put yourself in my position. You’ve built a brand, Missing 411. A group of individuals take the forum from you and allow a competing author on to control content and posts and then you are excluded from commenting to admins. I’ve heard of similar situation from others, I just can’t believe it happened to me… What would you do if placed in the same situation? The final embarrasment is that they completely banned me from the site!!”

The jist is he’s mad about being booted from some Admin position on some forum aswell as being annoyed that another author has ripped off his idea

His idea by the way is to exploit mass tradegy, misreport already solved dissappearences and basically be a massive  douche

I dislike Him

He is a douche nozzle

But the only thing that could possibly be worse then this one asshole taking advantage of someone else’s pain and attributing natural disasters to Bigfoot, would be some talentless hack copying them?

It makes me sick, it really, really does

My cunt of the day today is the fucking dickwad Ryan Reading who still, despite there being a petition now calling for his execution, still refuses to quit making content

Know what Kelly Shaw? Even though you went to a bigfoot hoax site and found Bigfoot evidence, I’m gonna cut you some slack this time

Fuck David Paulides

Bigfoot Battle Batalion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1472133653083643/

Coalition For Critical Thinking in Bigfoot Research: https://www.facebook.com/groups/smartbigfoot/

The Squatchers Lounge: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Slounge/

The Fortean Slip: https://www.facebook.com/groups/574332809255914/

Parabreakdown: https://www.youtube.com/user/ParaBreakdown/

Bigfoot Crossroads: http://www.bigfootcrossroads.com/

Off The Rictor: https://www.facebook.com/groups/310052705862689/

Team Squatching USA: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TeamSquatchinUSA/

Team Tazer: https://www.facebook.com/groups/208863656124175/

Tim Fasano: http://www.sasquatchevidence.com/

5 thoughts on “David Paulides Is Insane”

  1. Hey, just to add, Steph Young threatened to sue him for defamation cos he actually copied her a lot of the times- with those drowning cases, eliza lam, hunters seeing “predators” -they were all in her books before he started talking about them and even from her radio interviews on Coast to Coast n all. He told his” fans” he couldn’t take getting sued!- guess he was wrong about what he said then!
    thanks! Emily


    1. Not that I care enough to remember this comment after a restless bout of insomnia, but since everyone is slinging sludge I’ll join in for a moment and having researched both of these authors and this comment isn’t very factually correct.

      As for the author of this posting I have to thank you for a good laugh because who hasn’t made a buck off of human suffering? From the news media to almost every horror writer who’s ever lived, countries make money off of human suffering, as do money grubbing insurance companies, churches, freakishly odd organizations like the Moonies and Scientology, sexual predators, toy companies, big pharma, The FDA, EPA, NSA, MI5, the FBI, CIA and even ESPN has made money off of the tragedy of Len Bias for a quick example… every book, every YouTuber who has a monetized account or accepts donations and tells us creepy stories, some true and some not, and absolutely the worst of them all… Oprah, Tyra Banks and those damn Kardashians… so to kick a guy because he came up with, borrowed or stole an idea that spooks those of us who like being spooked that also happens to have brought a lot of attention to missing people and many families are grateful to get some press because they still have a tiny bit of hope in either finding their loved one alive or dead and because if their loved one has been gone for more than a month the media doesn’t care anymore. So don’t be a hater because you’re free to not listen to Steph Young or Dave Paulides, but don’t hate on them because in the end we all make money off of the human condition which often times takes the form of tragedy.


      1. I apologize for my first comment that should have said:

        reply to this comment by mentioning it’s not very accurate or factual.

        There’s nothing worse than someone preaching to you on a blog post reply you made a year ago and the person is so tired they actually screw up the first paragraph. I still love life!


  2. As an admin on that site I would willingly post the truth about why DP LEFT!!!! screenshots of him spitting his dummy out and also the screenshots of him asking on his page that his fans write bad reviews about Steph then deleting it. Then when he posted saying Steph had pinched his idea she Came to me for help and she made him publicly apologise and is also taking him to court! She emailed him about his lies and he then edited the email before posting it to his page again forgetting that people would screenshot it. Again if you would like the proof that everything in that article is total bull ask on the page for the admin who posted on here to come forward and I shall 😁


  3. You can easily get drawn into this idea of otherworldly phenomenon. Reading the many published works by authers who have jumped on this popular bandwagon regarding missing people. Thankfully at some point my sanity kicked in and rescued me from this craziness that’s seemed to grip so many wanton believers. Obviously it is not my intention to convince anyone to take hold of their sanity and realize there are no such creatures as these authers suggest there are. And when I say suggest ‘mention no names of course’ It is always…I present the facts, you come to your own conclusion! Which always makes me smile. I can’t help but feel sorry for the people who are duped into parting with their hard earned cash for this rubbish. In this modern world, I honestly thought this superstitious claptrap had long gone but no it is still as popular as ever. In todays climate the struggles of life and the mundane everyday can find us looking for distractions. I wonder if these authers ever wonder how this rubbish effects the family and friend of those victims used by these authers to turn a profit.


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