Edward Waterman’s Insane Attack On Streufert

So if you are a long time reader of my blog, you will know that Edward Waterman is about as sane as a squirrel trying to take over the world with deadly acorn disease

A disease that doesn’t even exist

Which ironically is the same as Waterman’s claims

He claims to have over ten thousand pictures of Bigfoot

He doesn’t

I’ve never seen ten thousand pictures of anything from him and the pictures I have seen are of Stumps, Rivers, Trees, Bushes and in extreme cases People

He has become something of a running joke on my blog, much like Kelly Shaw

Ha. Ha. Ha

Kelly Shaw found Bigfoot Evidence at a Hoax Site

More than that though, he has become something of a symbol, an insane Symbol for the gibbering, drooling nutjobs that infest this community to sit around the campfire and tell wild stories about

The 25 foot Squatch or the many Bigfoot Orgies he has captured on film, they all get spoken about in hushed reverend tones

Well I dunno about that actually, I’ve not actually seen anyone come out and support this guy

I don’t think anyone does… He was dropped from TS-USA for violating their rules and…. Even I have managed to stick to those for the time I’ve spent in there AND he was dropped from Johnson’s conference. Ouch

So I kinda think maybe it’s just us that pay attention to the Yogurt anymore….. Maybe if we stopped he’d go away

These be thoughts for smarter, more mature people then I though, if life has taught me anything it’s: No Mercy For The Weak, No Tears for the Slain and No Pity for the Dying

Especially if their cunts

So what’s Waterman done now?

Why this:


So Mr Fortune 500 and World of Sasquatch claims welfare? Weird huh

Anyway that stuff is small potatoes and normally I wouldn’t bring it up and if it wasn’t for the frankly insane attack on Streufert I would ignore it completely

Is it me though, or is he kinda inferring it was funny that someone used a GUN and SHOT Strefuerts store up?

Edward Waterman:




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Tim Fasano: http://www.sasquatchevidence.com/

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