Utah Sasquatch Is Definitely A Hoaxer

So I jumped the gun

I admitted

You see I got transference

There was a time when I worshiped the feet of a Bigfoot Researcher, defended him, told others they were wrong, liked his videos

That dudes name was TimbergiantBigfoot

He let me down

He let me down, majorly

So perhaps when I first read the Reddit post, I overly committed to the whole Utah Sasquatch is a Hoaxer thing

For that I’m sorry

I should have done my due dilligence properly

However in the midst of an investigation, independent sources that I enlisted to help me do my due dilligence, the entire thing became moot

Utah Sasquatch Outed himself

Can’t embed it because he disabled embedding

All right this is a long video by his standards, at 50 minutes so I’ll just get to the nitty gritty

He admits the Stereo Thing is Legit

He explains it was accidently done during the editing procedure

He says during the first 7 minutes and then again at the 39 minute mark, That he “Doesn’t know how to Edit Audio” And that “These things happen if you suck at editing”

This is a lie

Here is the proof that this is a lie:


If you don’t wanna read that, here is a screenie of his skills:


If you read his skills, you will see he lists Audio Editing as a skill

It is also impossible to do what he’s suggesting to change Mono into True Stereo

So even if he messed with the mono, thinking he made it stereo (which is impossible) and you turn down all the mono as the directions stated, then there would be no sounds at all. Since there are stereo sounds left in the video, he had to drop in stereo sound clips from some other device. And you can’t do that accidentally

Since we now know the sounds are in Stereo, because he admits it

And we also know he knows how to edit Audio, because he lists it as a skill

It’s not all bad though, he proves he knows some psychology as well as he points out the flip from positive to negative in extreme situations and councils patience instead of making rash decisions

Something I need to learn

He quotes shakespere who said: “To Thy Own Self. Be True”

That’s the greatest piece of advice anyone can ever give you and why I blog

There is also a moment where he get’s quite aggressive about the fact that it is not on him to provide evidence that his audio is legitimate, he doesn’t need to take it to experts and indulge other peoples fantasies and that he does not owe us anything

This is true

He doesn’t

Later on in the video, he then begins to talk at length about what possible purpose him hoaxing could serve

This brings up questions about his GoFundMe, as he quite rightly says there is no point in him hoaxing for attention as he has returned to his own Facebook area and unlisted all of his videos, So that leaves financial gain as the only possible motive for an alleged hoax

Finally we have his final thought:

To Know Bigfoot Is Real, Go out into the forest and walk through it, not on a path, but through the woods without a flashlight and experience it

Despite everything I still enjoyed this video, I think I’ll keep watching his stuff but I’m not taking him seriously as Bigfoot researcher anymore

He is a hoaxer and a liar

Which sucks

Stay HappyBigfootLand

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3 thoughts on “Utah Sasquatch Is Definitely A Hoaxer”

  1. Maybe it’s a hoax but I’ve hunted the mountains just north of there for decades. I’ve seen the sign he talks about and wondered what the heck made that. But then forgot about it as I was hunting for grouse. Once I saw a “child’s” footprint in pond’s muddy bottom way up high near the top of Swan Peak. I figured then that some kid must off hiked up there, took his shoes off and waded in. The feet were almost too long for the width to be human though. But you could count the toes/ see the heel/ instep as clear as day. Anyway, I’ll be headed up there in a few days and I’ll check out what he says.


  2. I watched his videos and was skeptical. However, I did have the opportunity to spend 3 weeks in northern Utah last fall in very difficult terrains following his advice to find Sasquatch.

    I’ve seen plenty of sign: art, eating stations, foot prints, tree structures, etc. I think they are more numerous than realized. But not near as numerous as skeptics who will attack somebody’s integrity from a soft chair rather than from a mountain slope where they would be an informed Bigfoot critic. A very rare animal indeed.


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