Happy Birthday Steve Alcorn!

Today we pay homage to one of the greatest Web Personalities in existence to date

Fuck Pewtie Pie

Screw 4chan

This guy is the real deal

I first encountered Steve Alcorn way back in the day, in the fading dying days of Team Tazer, he was an investigative reporter and his online presence was mostly him doing breakdown videos, the occasional interview and of course his Ratman and C-Dog stuff


If you’ve never heard of that last one

Be Eternally grateful

More recently of course he is the Co-Host of the Fortean Slip, possibly the greatest podcast that has or ever will be created

His genius is behind such episodes as Elvis Presley Wanted Dead or Alive and of course The Guns, Lawyers and Money

On the show Steve has created this online persona of the bumbling sidekick who pop culture references are completely lost on, but don’t let that fool you for one second

Steve Alcorn is a genius


A proper creative genius, almost instantly becomes an expert at anything he put’s his hands to, from furniture to stickers to youtube videos in a way I know that drives Chris nuts

His videos are many and awesome, from the Norm Glasser interview to his Cryptid of the Weeks, ( GET BACK TO DOING THOSE ALCORN!) The man is a legend and taking nothing and turning it into awesome.

Plus he loves Volskwagons, I mean come on guys, what’s not to like about this bloke?


So I know you’ll all join me in saying:

Happy Birthday Steve

Force Be With You

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