Matthew Johnson – The Interview

So on friday; Myself, Phil and Summer sat down and Interviewed Matthew Johnson of Team Squatching Fame

Hashtag Weird right?


Considering it wasn’t that long ago I was repeatedly calling him and his followers a bunch of cunts, it’s a strange turnaround that all of a sudden we’re interviewing him

And Phil Poling especially

But he said he wanted to do more Podcasts and I figured what the hell

So I asked him

He said yes (Didn’t expect him to)

So we gave him the ole interview and it went kinda well if I’m honest

No one treated anyone like a dick and no one got into any massive arguments

Couple of tense moments as we tried to wrap our heads around what he was talking about

Apart from that however it went rather well

He gave us a brief history of everything that ate through our one hour show like a rabid pirhana or however you spell that word

We ended up running really long and so the other half of this show in which we discussed the topic’s we had researched was cut away and will be released at a later point

Four Crosses Inn and Ghostly happenings at Cannok Chase

Fun topics

But those were cut from this episode

But for the most part it’s all here, the whole interviewy interview, some stuff was cut for time and some was cut because it messed up the audio super bad

Someone had a phone right next to their computer and we kept hearing that super annoying buzzing noise

But yeah, good episode, good show

He offered to come back to tell the rest of his story

Which is cool

Bigfoot Battle Batalion:

Coalition For Critical Thinking in Bigfoot Research:

The Squatchers Lounge:

The Fortean Slip:


Bigfoot Crossroads:

Off The Rictor:

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