Meanwhile In Yogurt Land: Edward Waterman takes a few choice snaps

So it’s pretty boring down in Bigfoot land at the moment

It looks like Rick Dyer’s gearing up again for something Big!

Steven Streufert is still holding his own in the war against insanity


Eddie Waterman is still posting his cool pictures, that are a constant source of amazement

I mean for real

SO obviously as proven hoaxer, we don’t need to take his stuff seriously anymore

Hint, hint, hint

So we can just point and make fun of his dumbass “Bigfoot” photo’s in the spirit of which I assume, they were taken

I’ve never spoken to Waterman or even read many of his posts, so I cannot get a feel for him or his work

Since he announced his WORLD OF SASQUATCH website has a paid membership, I assume that like so many other hoaxers, he’s in this game for the money

There are those that believe he is an insane drug user, of that I see no evidence

There are those that say he believes everything he says

But most of us believe he’s just another woo nutter, in a long line of woo nutters

Check it:


Well I’m glad you see them on all fours Waterman and WOW! I didn’t know they could move that fast…


Why have you uploaded a fuzzy, mossy stump to go with that caption?

Sends mixed messages if you ask me


WoW! Fifteen feet tall! Jesus, no wonder you ran like the wind, I would have aswell..


Why did you upload the picture of the funny looking stump?

Why not the picture of the fifteen foot Bigfoot?

I don’t get it


Again dude, stop uploading pictures of the boring thing, instead focus on the bigfoot not the footbridge

What a yogurt


Right. So you see a Bigfoot and take a photo of the Tree?

Come on Waterman!


You get the idea,

The man is a Yogurt

End of



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