Matthew Johnson Needs To Stop Now

Fucking wrong, Evil, Evil and Wrong. I’m not gonna say I’m a shining example of humanity or anything because I’m not, I run a hate blog and am genuinely a bit of a cunt. But I’m not taking advantage of anybody and I’m sure as shit not making any goddamn evil promises regarding helping people’s ailments.

So a coupla days ago, Johnson in his usual madness posted a video that was so stupid it was beneath blogging about. It was Blaphemous and completely insane even by Johnson standards. He was going on about Sasquatch Helping and Healing his body, no credit to God despite being a huge Christian. Isn’t everything on Earth ultimately by the Grace of God? No? Well whatever I’m not religious and neither apparent is Johnson.

So that’s pretty normal by Johnson standards to be fair, insane rants about Super Powered Bigfoot from alternative dimensions. Won’t hold that against him too much it’s his usual schtick.

It’s this next part that makes me sick and angry:



So wrong! He is now telling people he’ll take them up to SOHA to be possibly healed by the Bigfoot, he’s not saying the Sasquatch WILL heal them, only that he’ll try an convince them to help.

Can someone please explain me any possible way that this is any part right at all?  NO THEY CAN’T!

Johnson is now offering false hope to people who are suffering. I have proved he’s a liar, other people have proved it as well, there is limitless evidence on the internet available pointing out each and every fallacy and bullshit this man has done. He has no access to any real Bigfoot and he cannot help heal anything.

Please people, PLEASE stop and think about this man and what he is doing.

He’s a total cunt for fucks sake!


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