The David Batdorf Fortean Slip, Reviewed

The “Everybody bailed on Chris Episode” In lieu of Steve and Matt, Chris is joined by David Batdorf, a man of great intelligence, patience and a seemingly genuinely nice person. He won’t even go on record saying Johnson’s a cunt.  I know what a weirdo in the Bigfoot community right? –snigger– Quite droll. He used to join Chris for episodes of Down the Rabbit hole but there hasn’t been one of those for awhile.

Anywho they decide to do a Fortean Slip episode together, Steve probably had some investigative reporting to do and Matt was probably going to watch some bad movies and then argue wrongly with people about how good they were. I wasn’t there however can’t give you a definitive answer on what happened to the other two hosts.

Anyway the show must go on and so they persevere

Chris starts by explaining how totally right he was about the Coywolf, a newly evolved super predator that’s come from Dogs, Wolves and Coyotes. He said awhile back that they were slowly taking over and would eventually be the dominant predator in North America. Which is true and also a really cool example of how evolution is still going on behind the scenes and despite humanities best efforts we can’t seem to stop it.

Good for the animals

David makes some very awesome points throughout the show as the double act move from topic to topic seemlessly. Their a good team and that’s no lie.

That’s not to say that I didn’t miss Steve and Matt, those three make the Fortean Slip the greatest webcast on the Internet and it’s a shame when one or both can’t make it. They should do an epsiode without Chris sometime to see how it fares in comparison. Bet it’d be cool and I’m not just saying that because he’s a massive British Racist either.

Anyway Check it out, Proper cool

Johnsons a cunt

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