Epic Bigfoot Rants: Matthew Johnson to Rick Dyer, Your A Hoaxer


If you had asked me to name the person who hated Rick Dyer the most in the Bigfoot Community. I’d have said any former member of Team Tracker, Steve Kulls and Randy Filipovic for the top three easily. I mean those guys followed Dyer and mercilessly tore apart everything he did for years while his various hoaxes were up in operation. Well Randy and Steve did, obviously the members of Team Tracker were helping him as much as they could. One by one they jumped off the wagon and one by one they headed over to Randy and gave their story and apologised. I can’t speak for anyone else but the only persons apology I wouldn’t except was Andrew Clancys. Cunt.

Anywho if you had told me that back in 2013 Johnson was hating on Dyer more than pretty much anyone else, I’d have laughed. I didn’t pay attention to Johnson in 2013, I was still a quiet little mouse back then, I read Randys blog religiously and commented a few times but that was the extent of my contribution to Bigfoot. I didn’t really know about Johnson and didn’t really care about him either.

Then he started bullying Adam Davies into getting him to talk about SOHA and the rest is well.. History.

Here is an Epic Bigfoot Rant by Matthew Johnson About the end of the Dyer hoax:


It’s a good rant. Apart from his fucking woo bullshit creeping in. I don’t know anything about the Bigfoot/Forest People but i bloody knew it was a hoax. Wanna know how? Because it was Rick Dyer who was telling me what happened.

I love how he throws in the ole: Please Consult With Me First line.



Wow he actually tries to take credit for calling out the hoaxers. This credit goes to the real investigative reporters such as Steve Alcorn, Steve Kulls and of course Randy Filipovic.

NOT a deranged narcissist.

johnson1 johnson2 johnson3

Jesus. That stuff is just creepy.


This old stuff of Johnsons is proper diamond, it really shows what a total cuntbag he was and always has been. BUT! When we finally find SOHA and finally prove he’s lying and hoaxing, I’ll be sure to que up that crazy frog song, just for his benefit.

He really is a cunt ya know


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