The Fortean Slip Episode 93 in Review

On this episode of the Fortean Slip. Chris, Matt and Steve interview the great Steve Kulls. Sasquatch Detective and all around decent guy. Never spoke to him but I first got wind of him awhile ago when I was in Tim Fasano’s fanboy crew. Of course he was painted one minute as the devil for featuring Tim Fasano in his Hall of Shame and then a nice guy, depending on Tim’s feelings towards the guy at the time. Steve Alcorn has always spoken highly of him and honestly, that is good enough for me.

So the trio embarked on a kind of Interview of Mr Kulls, his recent work and his recent quietness in the Bigfoot Community. The man revealed it was due to him spending more time in the paranormal field, which is less impressive to me. I’ve always found the Paranormal to be a complete and total waste of energy researching, we’re all going to find out sometime if there is anything in the great beyond so why spoil the bloody surprise?

He mentions EVPS which honestly I equate to the garbage I throw out after I’m done cooking. I care for it not is the point I’m trying to make here. His also mentions exorcisms and helping people that are threatened by Demons and other made u.. I mean other creatures of evil.

I’m going to stop now.

Paranormal stuff is not interesting.

Anywho they also mention the time Douchebag numero uno of the Bigfoot Community Rick Dyer “tricked” Steve and several other Hoax busters into coming out to look at his Bigfoot Body. You may remember him playing the song and dancing around in his trailer? It was really amusing. Steve Kulls went out there to bust a hoax and ultimately is what he did.

Other hoaxes he has busted wide open include the time Tim Fasano started a hate page anonymously, Bigfoot Ballyhoo crap, other Rick Dyer stuff and Tom Biscardi. Steve Kulls also runs a cool blog called and it’s pretty damn awesome to read up on that.

Regardless of how I feel about Paranormal Research. Steve Kulls is Bigfoot OG and deserves a certain amount of respect. He has worked hard and tirelessly to rid the community of hoaxers and appeared on tv a few times. Guys a legend of the Community.

Out of all three of them Chris is the only one who got the true purpose of my rant lol. I fucking hate my sense of humor, it’s either really intelligent or really stupid, one of those two. Most people don’t get it so I’m going to go with the latter. By the way I did that rant two weeks ago so it doesn’t count as a slam against anyone!!!

Steve does the news as eloquently as ever.

All in All great episode and great show. Long live the Fortean Slip!


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