Do Bigfoot Hibernate?

Again let’s drop the tabloidy aspects of my blog for a moment and ask a legitimate bigfoot question. As always though I welcome any feedback on this.

With Autumn in full swing now it seems pernanent to ask the question what does Bigfoot do during the long cold hard winter months? I’ll admit that since no other large Primate Hibernates it’s a bit of a no brainer but Bigfoot, if it exists. Is unique amongst the great apes as it lives in a weird area for them. Great apes includes Humans so this still applies if it’s a relic hominid. Another good question but not one for this blog.

So what does it do during the winter? Does it have a winter camp it vacations in like the Native Americans used to? I guess so if it’s a relic Hominid, putting it there on the family tree puts it at near human interllect, so obviously it may travel off somewhere off the beaten road for the winter months. There have never been historically a lot of sightings of the Bigfoot during the winter anyway. To be fair though put that down to there not being a lot of humans up in the woods and mountainous areas during the winter.

O.k So let us say it is fact not a relic hominid and is in fact a great ape. Putting it on that family tree makes the situation a little bit more deeper. Since the only other primate I’m aware of that has to deal with cold winters like America are the Japanese Snow Monkeys, figuring out just what they do in the cold months is a little trickier. So do they hibernate?

I would say no, I don’t think Apes have the metabolism and various adaptations needed to sleep off the worst months of the winter. Well it’s not really a sleep, animals just slow down their bodily functions and last out the winter like that. A lot of mammals do it during the winter. As I said though there is no other Great Ape that does that.

I’d like to Hibernate through the worst parts of winter and summer though. I hate hot weather more then I hate cold weather.

Either way though, this would require either bulking up on calories for the winter or storing food in a winter camp. So during the last days of summer and early Autumn surely the Bigfoot would be more active in food gathering and stuff? I’d have to check that one out as I don’t know myself the sightings and stuff during that time. It’d make more sense really.

So though if it doesn’t hibernate and it doesn’t have a winter camp. If it just takes the whole transitional thing on the chin. Why isn’t it being seen a hell of a lot more during the winter? It’d have to be ultra active 24/7 in gathering food, that’s just science and stuff. Things need to eat. So we’re back to that question I guess. What exactly is it going to chomp on during the winter months if it isn’t hibernating or hiding somewhere holed up.

Well I suppose whatever it can really. There are plenty of things that produce nutritional supplements throughout the year, there are plenty of animals that don’t hibernate and stick it out for the winter. It’d be more difficult I suppose but not impossible for a Bigfoot to scavenge out a good living during the harshest part of the year.

Assuming it exists of course, which again I have to be the bad guy and point out is just as likely.

Hope it does though. But Hope is the first step on the road to dissapointment.



2 thoughts on “Do Bigfoot Hibernate?”

  1. I believe they migrate, but I just found some prints in my frozen pond that make me re think that, check them out on my fb page


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