Been awhile since I saw this kind of fog

It’s a total fucking white out, seriously? Can’t see far outside, the fog just closes in and makes the distance one huge white wall.

When I lived in America in Colorado, we used to get Blizzards so furious the Highway would get closed and the town would be full of truckers and what not just waiting for the 1-70 to open back up. I remember thinking that kind of weather was extreme and it was. I’d never experienced anything like it and probably won’t again. It was to the point where if you were unlucky enough to be driving when it hit, you probably wouldn’t be able to see much further than the end of your cars bonnet.

Then the bloody snow would cover up your windscreen every few seconds just to be more annoying. Sometimes we’d just have to pull up by the side of the road and call it a day for an hour or so while the weather cleared. May seem a bit pussyish but that was preffarable to ending up in a ditch like many a car we would pass as we inched down the highway.

Luckily I lived in a town that was a hub for various highways, it was a town you got stuck in, not one you got stuck out of, so never really got stranded far from home which was cool. Felt sorry for the people we saw in that town who were though. Truckers especially used to get incredibly irate.

Never saw a truck that had been off roaded by weather though.

It didn’t really used to rain much when I lived in Colorado, well not proper rain anyway, was usually drizzle or that fine misty rain. Usually snow or hail was it pretty much, or the heat of the summer.

Anyway looking outside my window at all the fog up here got me thinking about that old stuff. Miss living in America sometimes.

Haven’t seen this much fog before though, I mean usually it’s cleared up by now, the suns evaporated it off but it’s still out there and it’s gone 1pm now. That’s pretty cool. I’m kinda looking forward to the Cumbrian Winter. Hopefully it’ll snow more up here than it did further south, but whatever happens this close to the coast its probably going to be more extreme than I’m used to.



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