Fortean Slip News 87: Post Game Baby!

Ever since I started reviewing the episodes of the Fortean Slip as they are released, I’ve felt an enormous sense of accomplishment. I am fullfiling my obligation as a deranged superfan in bringing dangerous obsession to an internet podcast.

Lucky for me it’s not just any Internet Podcast, TIS THE FORTEAN SLIP! Greatest show on the interweb! This is the news:

For the first story from Identity of an unidentified flying object over long island puzzles experts. Chris however interupts Steve to point out he is stumbling over the words again. Funny stuff. Apparently a few months ago a Boomerang shaped UFO was filmed by an Unidentified witness. Steve takes a moment to point out there are a lot of unidentified things in this report. –snigger– I’ve seen the video, it’s quite obviously one of those remote control drone thingies, in fact it was mentioned in the report that’s what most experts think. Sweet of them to call me an expert but I’m glad I got one right according to the big guys. Steve mentions he would like to be UFO investigator as it seems like an easy job. Fair play.

The next story; Sequenced flatworm genome may reveal secrets of rejevunavative medicine. Apparently if we figure out the proper sequences that govern the flatworms ability to heal, we might be able to incorporate it into ourselves. Pretty insane idea if I’m completely honest, hacking the human DNA genome can only lead to trouble.

Next story is sad times for the paranormal community. A couple of Ghost hunters were found dead after a man kidnapped his ex wife and then shot her and himself. Bit odd that kind of behavior, I mean i’d gladly shoot my ex wife but not myself as well. Obviously a very turbulent relationship and the explanation for what happened that night may never be revealed. Steve asks that paranormal investigators leave the site be.

Chris and Steve then discuss how important it is not to put people on Pedestols because People are People. Their right, I put timbergiantbigfoot on a pedestal and now I fucking despise him with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

Finish with the Mick West bit.

Great Show!


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