Good News From The Bluff Creek Project!

So it’s not a picture of Bigfoot, but it is amazing evidence, from a Bigfoot organisation. Not quite what I wanted but I will literally take anything good today lol.

11836834_10153244599039092_8446658104210557934_nThis is a Humboldt Marten. I thought it was a chocolate-brown mink at first because A) Martens are really rare and B) The white patch under the chin, where most Martens have a sort of creamy brown.

However after a cursory examination of the tail, ears and head shape. I’m happy to go on record saying I think it’s a Marten, but I’m prepare to write-up that I’m wrong in said event.

I believe I’ve said before how much I love the weasel family and minks, which are apparently different, which is odd. Incredibly agile, fierce, unstoppable little predators and quite sweet to boot. Well my ferrets are anyway, I don’t think I’d want to handle a wild member of the weasel family. Just look at Honey Badgers.. Gah.

So it’s not Bigfoot, which would be epic obviously but this underlines the reasons why The Bluff Creek Project, Olympic Project, The NAWAC and any other Bigfoot group putting trail cameras out there are SO important. Last year the Bluff Creek boys proved the existence of ring tailed cats in California, this year they’ve got themselves another rare little beastie. It’s good work they are doing and they deserve kudos.

Oh and on a side note, Kelly shaw? You may suck my bag.

Matthew Johnsons a Cunt.


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