The Skirting Board Job

I actually hate the asshole who owned this house before us. Like for real. The guy is a moron.

He’s done a lot of “work” to the original building and now I gotta walk around and fix all of his “work”. When I say work I mean he’s left live wires sticking out of the wall, cabinets that don’t sit flush against the wall and of course Skirting boards that don’t actually cover the skirting.

With old houses, one job often leads to ten more and that’s fine but come on! Live Wires!

So that was my day, had to refit the skirting board and then caulk it up so the joinery was non visible. Quite easy while at the same time difficult.

Had to cut holes for the radiator pipes, then reattach the wood with adhesive to make it look neat, then caulk up the holes to stop drafts and what not. Finally had to use brown caulk to make the whole thing less visible on the slate flooring. Tommorow gotta re plaster the wall and finish up the caulk but –touch wood- should be an easy job.

Ha easy. Doubt it.


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