Another day another project

Good old august bank holiday eh? Easily one of the more depressing holidays of the year. It’s to do with mentally conditioning children, today is traditionally the last day of the summer holidays and we are programmed from a very early age to hate and fear it. Also why I don’t like my birthday.

Anyway I thought I’d use the extra time to put together a neat little box for the pipes that run in to the boiler. You remember I built a cabinet for the boiler? Well this one was for the skirting board that goes around it.

See the pipes have the main water valve as well as the release for the outside tap. So while it’s aesthetically pleasing to have them covered up, we still have to get to them to switch them off or on. This called for a small box with a cat flap esq door I could open to reach for the valves.

Getting a lot more confident with the power tools now and was able to calve out a really nice little wooden frame. Need to fix the door up tomorrow cos it’s all angles and what not, also it needs caulking. Caulk is like the best invention ever for the budding DIY enthusiast as it’s a neat way of fixing mistakes in woodworking.

Ideally I want to get to the level where I don’t make any mistakes in the first place, but for now its awesome stuff. Anyway that was my day. Will upload pictures when it’s all cleaned up and painted.

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